Decaf Is Delicious If You Do It Right

Folks, we now have decaf coffee.

Now I full recognize that most of you think decaf coffee sucks but you are wrong. I love decaf. The fact is most people roast it wrong and then you end up with something that tastes like leather and smells like diesel. 


Good decaf starts with the processing.

Our decaf is a Swiss Water Decaf. This is a chemical free process wherein the coffee is soaked in water and a green coffee extract (GCE). Through a process similar to osmosis the caffeine is extracted through the solution while still retaining nuanced coffee flavors.

Roasting Decaf

Roasting decaf is different than roasting regular coffees. During the decaffeination process you are effectively par cooking the coffee. Pre-roasted coffee, green coffee, is a lot more dense and compact than the coffee you see in your grinder. The cells of the beans are more tightly bound and kinked up, looking more like seeds than the beans we are familiar with. 

While taking on heat in the roaster, the cells of the coffee beans begin to straighten out allowing moisture and co2 to release. The further you take the roast the more co2 and moister that gets release. This is why our coffees are a lot less oily than some darker roasted beans. The oil and co2 are retained inside the bean so when we grind them and add water they have more dynamic flavor.

Long story short our decaf is delicious.

Benjamin FarmerComment