New Coffee Alert! Colombia El Camino Real



Our first Colombian coffee at Alchemy is a regional select from Huila. Anthem, the importer who put this coffee together, selected coffees from a number of small producers and paid them on the spot for their cherry. Regional Select coffees like the El Camino Real allow producers to make money more immediately for their crops rather than putting them up for auction. It also helps promote quality in the area by incentivizing smaller producers to pick more consistently ripe cherries. This coffee is a workhorse! The walnut sweetness and green apple clarity make the El Camino Real super session-able.


Huila, located in the mountains in the south west of the country, is Colombia’s most productive coffee growing region. On top of being one of the bigger coffee growing departments in the country, Huila is also known for the quality of their coffees. The quality and consistency of the coffee from Huila stems from its growing environment, nestled up high in the Magdalena Valley and the central and eastern ranges of the Andes.

"Do I want green apple flavors in my coffee?"

I mean I'm pretty impartial but what I love about the acidity in this coffee specifically is how it forces a balance. The first couple of sample roasts of the El Camino Real revealed a super rich coffee, the walnut and chocolate flavors were immediate. I didn't want this coffee to be a dessert coffee, I wanted it to be a coffee you could take a thermos of to work and not get tired of.

Unsatisfied with my first sample roasts I decided I needed to get the heat from the roaster into the coffee bean quicker. Allowing the moisture from the fresh coffee to roast the bean from the inside out.  The increase in heat allowed me to sustain more of the malic acid that the El Camino had hiding away. 

Benjamin FarmerComment