New Coffee Alert! Ethiopia Haro Korsa



The Ethiopia Haro Korsa is a natural processed coffee hailing from the illustrious coffee growing region Oromia. Up until a few years ago producers in Ethiopia didn’t have the power to sell coffee themselves, all coffee production was centralized by the Ethiopian government. The Haro Korsa family have been coffee producing legends in Ethiopia and its a real honor to get coffee directly from them with the help of our importing partners Anthem.

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Let’s talk beans...

Coffee as we see it on the bar are seeds found in the center of coffee cherries. These cherries grow in low lying shrubs. Ripe cherries are picked off of their shrubs at directed times based on color and texture. Above you have a graphic showing what a coffee cherry looks like before it is processed.

When coffee is being produced we are utilizing the sugars and moisture that exist in the pulp and mucilage of the cherry.

Natural process, dry process, unwashed, or natural sun-dried all refer to the same method of processing that usually involves drying coffee cherries either patios or raised beds in the sun. To prevent the cherries from spoiling, they are raked and turned throughout the day and then covered at night or during rain storms. This process, which can take 3-6 weeks normally, is the more-traditional method of processing coffee. This process of drying the cherries out in the sun originated in places without reliable access to water and usually works best in areas with low humidity and infrequent rain — such as parts of Ethiopia and Yemen — although we do have some farmers using the natural process in other places.

After the cherries have been dried to the optimum level, they are sent to mills to separate the seeds from the rest of the dried fruit, otherwise known as being “hulled.”

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