New Coffee Alert! Nicaragua Fincas Mierisch - Limoncillo


I have a super big producer crush on the folks at Fincas Mierisch. In 2016 i had the chance to taste through coffees from their farm Limoncillo and have been trying to get my hands on it ever since! This red bourbon coffee has phenomenal sweetness and stone fruit cleanliness.


Coffee has been produced under the Mierisch name since 1908 and is still primarily family owned and operated. Limoncillo is one of 11 farms that the family grows coffee between Nicaragua and Honduras. Here is a cool photo journey from Sweet Maria’s I found while snooping around the internet for tidbits about the farm. What you will see in that slide show is the general ecology of the farm at Limoncillo. Seeing other plants and animals thriving and the coffee being grown amongst them not in spite of them shows the strength of the soil and weather on the farm.

The fact is, our planet’s climate is changing (and rapidly). Our goals are to adapt to the incoming changes, but also, most importantly, to mitigate our own effects on the environment.
Benjamin FarmerComment