New Coffee Alert! Ethiopia Yukro


Washed Ethiopiasssssssssssssssss. I am very excited to have a washed Ethiopian coffee on the menu. This coffee comes from the Yukro Cooperative in Oromia (the same region as the Haro Korsa from last season). This co-op was formed in 1977 and unlike a lot of our Central American coffees that come from single producer farms, the Yukro Cooperative is made up of nearly 1500 small farmers.  

Farmers bring their cherries to the Yukro Cooperative washing station immediately after picking. These cherries are then processed, left to ferment for 12 hours with their mucilage still attached before it is mechanically removed (washed). Each morning coffee fresh from the mill is placed onto shared,  covered drying beds for 3-4 hours to start the drying process. From there the coffee is moved to raised drying beds for 6-7 days where the coffee is raked and sorted constantly. These raised beds are known as "African Style Beds", they dry the coffees more evenly and thoroughly than if the coffees were dried simply on cement patios like in Central and South America.

Benjamin FarmerComment